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    Chimonides Residence

    A prerequisite to keep the house on one level allowed for a controlled game of roofs and voids, manifesting itself in a split-level open plan layout. The house reaches out and utilizes the entire site, using a combination of curved walls, tilted roofs and expressive forms, that otherwise would not be rational with a two floor solution. The remaining “gaps” in the plot are filled by the complimentary landscape and elegant pool features.

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    Chimonides Residence

    The open plan interior spaces are flooded with controlled light coming in through the separations created between the different roofing surfaces and the large openings facing the garden.

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    Chimonides Residence

    Main materials used are paint on plaster to allow for the unusual forms of the building to be read independent and without interference, while on the front facade of the house, the entry wall and main entry door are covered completely with HPL wooden panels.

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    Chimonides Residence

    One form that stands out amid the rest is the master bedroom floating free on four sides and overlooking the whole, distinguishing it as a control station within the heart of the project.

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    Chimonides Residence

    Location: Latsia, Nicosia

    Areas: 430 m²

    Stage: Built